Select Katrina Beohm Real Estate as Your Agency

Your Agent is someone you can trust.

They must always have your best interests at heart, listen to what you want, present your property in the best light and never under sell.
The best agent isn’t always the one with the lowest commission rate, rather look into their experience and results. Agents with experience and outstanding results usually will be able to negotiate a better price and therefore you will get more money back in your pocket on settlement.
The best agent isn’t always the one who appraises your property at the highest price. It is important to ask how the agent came to the price, what evidence did they use to support their appraisal.

Why choose Katrina Beohm Real Estate?

  • Katrina Beohm is a Licensed Real Estate, Stock & Station agent and has worked in the local industry for more than 10 years and has experience in property management, residential & rural sales.
  • Local girl with a passion for her home town and its people.
  • Awarded with First National for her excellence in sales in State & National Awards.
  • Consistent professional training and up to date with market conditions.
  • In depth local knowledge.
  • Creative selling strategies – thinks outside the square.
  • Constant feedback.
  • Experience & consistent results.
  • Positive, passionate enthusiastic & committed to real estate with a ‘never give up’ attitude.

Katrina Beohm Real Estate is an agency you can trust.